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BIO-Hytec project

Bio-hydrogen production technologies using compact reformer

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The concept

BIO-Hytec project

BIO-Hytec will develop compact reformers that can be applied cost-effectively at small scale in the distributed production of hydrogen from biofuels. Also the project will cover a detailed business plan detecting potential implementations and customers, business opportunities for the consortium, as well as a commercialization roadmap with specific measures to achieve exploitation of results.

More specifically, the project will:

  • Design and build a compac reformer including PSA unit.
  • Demonstrate the system in real conditions.
  • Develop a business plan covering potential customers and markets, business opportunities, IPR issues and a commercialization roadmap for Europe.
  • Analyze the economic feasibility for using bio-reformers in LATAM.
  • Disseminate and communicate the results at EU level for reaching stakeholders.

Current consortium

BIO-Hytec project



Costa Rica

Hidrógeno del Norte

Green Grouping

Ad Astra Rocket

Project management and coordination

Design and develop the compact reformer

Business plan and service strategy in Europe

Final / end user integration

Economic feasibility for LATAM market





Politecnico di Torino

Danish Power Systems

Design and develop the Pressure Swing Adsorption unit

Assessment of the techno-economic performance in comparison to other state-of–the-art technologies

Design and testing of the product considering PEM FC as final application

EU Funding

BIO-Hytec project


Project management

BIO-Hytec project